The Channel Challenge failed to

get rid of "The Destroyer"

The harbour town of Folkestone is now slowly dying, it has suffered too many years of poor economy & commerce due to the owner of the port who stopped the cross-channel ferry services operating out of Folkestone, the refusal has also been a channel challenge as it has also effected the economy of the port of Boulogne.
The historic maritime link between Folkestone and Boulogne has been broken, but not forgotten. The Challenge of the Channel is now to stand together across the channel and fight the common foe rebuilding that which is destroyed, or except the destiny of the harbour town of Folkestone has been preordained?


Try to make contact the local Councils, and the Folkestone’s MP, to demand an answer as to why they did nothing to fight for our Ancient harbour town and it's cross channel car ferry services?

Folkestone's car ferry terminal has being successfully destroyed by the owner of the harbour, with seemly Shepway District Councils' blessings, even when the council’s ‘Local Plan’ states that the port ferry facilities should be safeguarded and maintained. Somehow the owner has managed to destroy these facilities that were protected by the Council and turned the car ferry and passenger port where in 1980's the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express passengers joined the ships, into to slag heaps before being made into another a car partk!
In Roger De Haan "Masterplan" for Folkestone the railway to the harbour had to go, for ‘a new green link for cyclists and pedestrians (allegedly). While the Masterplan is still awaiting the public consultation period for the proposed planning applications. The order was given, and Network Rail showed their hand commencing the removal of the harbour branch line. A group railway enthusiasts had plans to use the line again but they were unable to stop Network Rail from the destruction of the harbour branch line.

Slowly, 'The Destroyer' has done his work on Folkestone’s seafront & harbour and did not stop until a a Wasteland had been created. Was this done for “Masterplan-Mk2”, or to rebuild the new cross-channel car ferry services facilities and regenerate harbour as the Folkestone Harbour Company promised in January 2005?
Now is the time, for the 'Channel Challenge'. A time for sensible people to talk sensibly about the return of the ferry services. Perhaps try to persuade the owner of the port for the sake of future generations of Folkestone to allow all the cross channel car services to return and kick start his "Port's Revival", - a regeneration of the Ancient harbour town of Folkestone was a promise made but never kept!