Some Harbour Jottings

Front page of the Folkestone Herald of 7th November 2013 brings more false hope for the return of the ferries

The Folkestone Herald, reports on a Public meeting of The Remembrance Line of 31st October 2013, and a project to encourage operators to run passenger ferries from Folkestone Harbour. Remembrance Line advisor Henry Bolton OBE said “We believe [ferry travel] is part of a viable and comprehensive transport system for visitors and it would be a shame to lose this opportunity.

“Thousands of people every year travel to battlefields in Europe and we are talking to the Mayor of Boulogne about a link-up. I think we should exploit the town’s First World War History, we shouldn’t miss this.”

Folkestone did NOT have operational ferry services running out of Folkestone in the spring of 2014 for the Commemorate centenary of the start of the First World War. Nor to mark a 100 years since the arrival of the Belgian Refugees, who arrived at Folkestone Harbour exhausted, destitute and hungry. Meals, clothes and beds had to be found at short notice. In the first months of the war 64,500 refugees came to the town for succour, and it is to the credit of the town folk and the Belgian Committee for Refugees that so much was done at short notice. Marking the arrival of the Belgian Refugees to the Port was not allowed to be marked by vessels at the harbour town of Folkestone in 2014. Although, a small group remembered the refugees of 100 years ago on Folkestone's Stade on 20th August 2014 by the release of a few ballons.

Perhaps the return of the ferry services to and from the Belgium ports would be more apt, than Boulogne. if they are allowed to use the town's harbour? Goto for informationlink on Boulogne’s deal with De Haan


7th November 2013 Matt Leclere from Kent On Line reported on "The Remembrance Line Association" (RLA) aim to preserve the Folkestone Harbour railway reconnecting the harbour branch to the mainline and relaunch a ferry service from the port

What happened to the above vision? - it was destroyed.



The final axe has fallen on the Folkestone's harbour railway branch line. The Shepway District Council claim they have the best interests of the town of Folkestone, so they decided at a council meeting to kill off the Port of Folkestone & Harbour Railway



Article in Rail News on 21st November 2013.

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